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International Photographer magazine from January 1941, with cover photo and an extensive article devoted to the 1941 film, ‘Citizen Kane.’ Three pages of behind the scenes photos by Alexander Kahle, still photographer for the movie, are featured in the article entitled, ‘Welles and the Cameraman’ [pdf].

You can download the screenplay here. (NOTE: For educational purposes only)

William Forsche had to dig deep in the basement archives to find this rare interview. 3 minutes into this video we hear from ‘Citizen Kane’ make-up artist Maurice Seiderman. We also see Orson Welles full head life cast which is currently housed at the Museum of the Moving Image.

For more, see our archive under the tag, “Citizen Kane.”


The Mountain Goats Vintage Ad Posters

For the five people that asked for it here they are! The original No Children and See America Right vintage ads featuring lyrics by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats now in 18” x 24” size. Grab one or both of the files below and just upload it to your favourite online printing service.

If these do end up on your wall it’d be pretty cool to see a pic of it on your tumblr with the tag #vintagegoats

UPDATE: added the Old College Try poster to complete the set.

UPDATE 2: added the Game Shows Touch Our Lives poster.

UPDATE 3: added the Peacocks poster.

See America Right torrent (33 MB)

No Children torrent (14 MB)

Old College Try torrent (25.6 MB)

Game Shows Touch Our Lives torrent (45.8 MB)

Peacocks torrent (75 MB)

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